Sunday, May 4, 2014

Material Culture: Corduroy Peaked DSWA Schutztruppe Officer's Cap

There has been an extremely rare offering on Ebay UK in the last few months, which thus far unsuccessful in attracting a bidder after two listings with an opening bid of $2,198 and change, for a DSWA Schutztruppe peaked officers cap.  In sand colored corduroy and dated 1912, this cap was likely used in the last years of German colonial rule, including the brief campaign and surrender to Louis Botha's Union of South Africa invasion force in 1915.  Similar hats were worn by officers and enlisted men in during the 1904 Herero war, though this is the only one I've seen photographed with the visor painted the same sand color.  I wish that there were more figures available in 28mm for wargaming wearing this style of headgear, though I have converted some Africans wearing fez using epoxy putty to create peaked hatted auxiliaries.

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