Monday, December 2, 2013

The German - Herero War in 15mm (1/72 scale)

While they are a smaller scale than the 25mm / 28mm figures I am using for this project, I am really impressed by another new option for wargaming the German Herero War in 15mm metal figures.  Hagen Miniatures in Germany is a company established to partner sculptors with collectors and develop and market lines of figures to satisfy their figure "wish lists".  One of the first projects is a line of Germans and Hereros for Southwest Africa, and the results are some very dynamic and detailed sculpts. I wish these were available in 25mm scale, but for now will have to be satisfied to admire them from afar.

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  1. As much as I like these figures, they are far from 15mm. 1/72nd scale is much closer to 20-22mm, 15mm figures are in the 1/100-1/108 range. 15mm figures would be Old Glory's Boers for Hereros, and perhaps Far Eastern Brigade (from their Boxer Rebellion range) for Schutruppen. Excellent blog! I am just starting my own Herero War project, but in 15mm due to space limitations and the fact most of my terrain is for 15mm. I will be reading your blog as I can as there is some great information here!